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Want to launch your own hybrid-live course and maximize your impact? We'll share how we scaled to six-figures doing it sustainably, all without burning out!

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Choose topics and assess demand

Having a solid idea of what it is you want to teach, what makes you unique, and what the community wants to learn is so key during the initial first steps of creating your course. We'll walk through what we learned in our process as first time creators, and how you can do even better.


Craft an engaging curriculum

Setting the foundation for your course requires a strong curriculum. But it's not just about what you'll teach - it's about what students will get out of it. We'll help you come up with fun activities that solidify student learnings, while allowing them to make friends and have fun.


Get your first students and scale

We were first time founders, with no audience at all whatsoever. Yet in the past year we graduated over 350 students across 16 countries from our own Co.Lab course. You'll get to brainstorm with your fellow students and build off of what we did.

Who should take this masterclass?

MOOCs are easy to build, but not great for learning retention. Live courses are extremely fun (and you can charge more), but hard to sustain as a creator. Building your course on Co.Lab provides you a hybrid-option! 

You build it once, just like a MOOC. Yet the platform facilitates live classes for students, so it's just as engaging. It's community-driven, students make friends with others in your community, while you get out of the live instruction. Maximize impact sustainably! 


If you've been considering building a course of your own, whether it's video-based or live, we'll walk you through what we learned as two first-time creators. You'll meet other like-minded creators, brainstorm, give each other feedback, support and experience Co.Lab's hybrid-live method of learning yourself! 

By the end of four weeks, you'll leave with a pre-registration page for your course, new friends, and a 2-3 week course ready for enrolment!

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About us

The tech industry needs diversity - diversity in thought. Co.Lab will help us get there by giving people the real-world, practical experience to confidently break into (and thrive within) the tech industry. No matter your background, you belong in tech.

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Why learning with Co.Lab is better

Learn together in small groups

Watch course content live with other students, progress as a cohort, and learn from one another!

Stay engaged & learn by doing

Actively learn by live discussions. Apply what you learn through activities, and get instant feedback from peers.

Build connections and friendships

Learn in a safe environment, be accountable to one another and get rewarded as you participate and engage with others.

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