Infrastructure Automation with Azure and Github

Geared for beginners looking to save time, reduce costs, and eliminate manual errors with infrastructure automation.

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March 2022

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Intro to Infrastructure as Code

To automate our infrastructure deployments, we have to turn manual processes to lines of code. I'll introduce the concept of infrastructure as code and the major problem it is helping us all solve. You'll get to figure out how this applies to your scenarios.


Intro to Azure Bicep

Azure Bicep is a DSL that we can use to deploy resources on Azure. I'll give you a walkthrough on how to use it’s declarative syntax to manage resources on Azure. We'll go step-by-step and we'll get this set up for your systems.


Automation with Github Actions

The goal is to automatically manage our infrastructure deployments and CI/CD plays an important role in that process. We'll go over how to connect Azure Bicep and Github together, such that your deployment process is a lot more straightforward.

Who should take this masterclass?

Automation is becoming an integral part of tech, and infrastructure is a huge part of that.

This course is for beginners in the industry, looking to more tangibly understand how to set up infrastructure automation.

This course isn't your average tutorial! Together, we'll make sure you leave the course having actually set up your own automated process with Azure Bicep and Github Actions.

Adora Nwodo
Software Engineer, Mixed Reality

About us

Adora Nwodo is a Software Engineer currently building Mixed Reality on the Cloud. She is also a Published Author and Tech Content Creator. Adora is the vice president for VRARA Nigeria. Outside these things, she co-organizes community events and speaks at technology conferences/meetups worldwide.

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