Hands-on Development experience, from architecture design to deployment.

Program Details

Pick a real problem, perform market research and identify key customers

Develop a spec to communicate your product vision and priority features

Lead and align your team through the product development process

  • 5-week part-time virtual program starting Feb 19th
  • Weekly development workshops taught by industry leaders
  • Get matched with your own Product Manager and Designer
  • Dedicated Project mentor and Development Office Hours
  • Ship a product and get real customers

Negotiate scope and architect your solution

Perform PM and Design handoff with specs and high-fi designs

Choose your developer tools of choice and tech stack


Decide the Product Architecture

Understand product requirements from your Product Manager and research the appropriate tech stack to help bring the solution to life in the required timeframe.

Make necessary tradeoffs

Break down product user stories, negotiate changes with your Designer, and decide between time, quality and scope to get your product to the finish line.

Deploy to production

Manage release expectations, iterate from customer feedback, fix outstanding bugs, and ship your product features regularly to real customers for continuous value.

We conducted user research, worked closely with our target customers, and actually built a product they loved. I feel like this program probably changed my life. And I feel like it could potentially change yours as well.

Ayo Ayodeji | Product Manager, Summer 2020 | Incoming PM II at Microsoft


Krista Ruiz

Developer - Fall 2020

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I would recommend the Co.Lab experience to software development bootcamp grads, like myself, who want to continue coding and deepening their professional skillset while searching for their next position. Not only does Co.Lab provide the opportunity to work in the structure of a cross-functional team, it emphasizes the business-development and user-centric side of development that might be overlooked in education-focused coding bootcamps.

Marcela Gomez

Developer - Summer 2020

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I wanted to have the experience of starting a new project from scratch to get over the gitters of starting a new career. This was a great place to figure out a few things and learn what I'm capable of doing. Getting out of the comfort zone and working on a project so I can learn the process of taking on a new technology was my main goal and that was met.

Oluwafemi Oluwatola

Developer - Fall 2020

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Co.Lab gave me an opportunity to work in a simulated work environment with designers and PMs. I learnt a lot about projects from ideation to implementation and how to work well in a team. Most importantly, we got to test our products with users and worked on implementing their recommendations. It was a wholesome and fulfilling experience.

Timothy Ademola

Developer - Fall 2020

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A great deal of learning was involved, which is important for upcoming tech enthusiasts. It was a great experience working with brilliant minds.

Rafael Loredo

Developer - Summer 2020

Co.Lab provided me with the opportunity to learn how a product is built. I found it really helpful to interact with other disciplines as this gave me a glimpse into what it's like to work in a real life scenario.

Pricing &

5-week program with product team match

Workshops taught by industry leaders

Ship a product with your cross-discipline team

Dedicated Project mentor

Weekly Developer Office Hours

Community socials & networking events

Full Stack / Front-End / Mobile Development